Exploring Innovation

Address immediate challenges without the need for a full transformation. Explore core-to-edge greenfield or brownfield innovations to make an immediate impact for your enterprise.

Your Technology Context

Not ready for a full transformation.
Value-driven, focused solutions needed for immediate outcomes addressing business, implementation, or operational concerns.
Open to exploring AI, Cloud, and Cyber solutions as exponential platforms for issue resolution.
Focus on discrete, industry-specific challenges that may be addressed with edge capabilities.

Case Studies

Featured Articles

Abdi Goodarzi on the Future of the Enterprise

Deloitte’s Abdi Goodarzi discusses the Kinetic Enterprise, Business Agility, the Rise of Connectivity, Ecosystem Co-Innovation, and the Evolving Role of the CXO.

Rebuilding a stronger digital society

How can data-driven businesses deliver greater value to users, customers, and society?

States at risk: The cybersecurity imperative in uncertain times

The pandemic has highlighted public-sector cyber leaders’ resilience—but has also called attention to long-standing challenges facing state IT and cybersecurity.

Quantifying cyber risk to chart a more secure future

Leverage the capabilities of CRQ to reveal and address cyber threats

Tech Trends 2021

New technologies, techniques, and business cases to drive your modernization strategy

The CFO guide to transforming finance with Oracle Cloud

Building your digital finance platform

The CFO guide to data management strategy

Modernizing data infrastructure with data management tools

Thriving in the Era of Pervasive AI

Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 3rd Edition

Scaling IoT to meet Enterprise Needs

Balancing edge and cloud computing

Implementing the Smart Factory

New perspectives for driving value

Digital Lean Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 technologies transform lean processes to advance the enterprise

The CFO (finance executive) guide to cloud

Answers to seven pressing questions

Core enterprise strategy for Finance Transformation

Getting the fundamentals right

Unleashing industry-specific value with Kinetic Microservices, powered by SAP Industry Cloud

Kinetic Microservices for the ‘built to evolve’ enterprise

Finance 2025: Finance in a Digital World

Our eight predictions about digital technology for CFOs

Building a cognitive digital supply network

Augmenting automation in an AI world

Unbundling the Cloud With the Intelligen...

How edge computing, AI, and advanced connectivity are enabling enterprises to become more responsive.
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