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Leading food distributor drives speed and productivity with cloud, saving millions in the process

Moving to the cloud was only one piece of the puzzle—shifting to an Agile operating model helped solve organizational and operational challenges
01 / 05 The Need

Following a series of acquisitions, a leading global food retailer and distributor began its journey to the public cloud to integrate their disparate systems, improve data management, and provide a better customer experience. In addition, their initial cloud implementation revealed organizational and operational challenges: employees were not used to working across teams, and manual processes weren’t being automated fast enough to deliver on internal needs due to organizational silos.

02 / 05 Engagement

Beyond the initial need to implement a master data management platform and migrate workloads to a cloud solution on Amazon Web Services, the client realized they needed to shift to an Agile operating model that would enable collaboration between software development and operations teams (including cloud engineers) with an increased focus on automation and self-service. They asked Deloitte to help.

03 / 05 How We Did It

Working together, the client and Deloitte designed and implemented a new operating model to help deliver IT services faster while managing change to keep user disruption to a minimum. A holistic approach considered every aspect of IT and how it needed to change to support product teams, from governance to organizational design to talent and hiring practices.

As product owners were paired with cross-functional teams, the client quickly began to see the benefits of Agile to deliver faster and cheaper without impacting quality. Under this new model, agile product teams such as Warehouse Management owned all the technology that enabled their part of the value chain, including any migration to cloud and the integrated technologies. These teams were seamlessly supported by platform and services teams that drove efficiencies and reduced hand-offs through self-service automation.

04 / 05 Results

Today, more than 40 teams are using cloud services as part of their product delivery, and employees across the organization have been trained to get the greatest value from the cloud. The average time to create a feature has gone from 50 days to 19 days, including new self-service capabilities by the cloud team and new business capabilities by the product teams. IT is now a trusted partner with the business teams, enabling better business outcomes. Other outcomes include:

  • 50 percent decrease in cost footprint
  • $50M savings realized year over year
  • Reduced average development time from 50 to 19 days
  • 70% of main data center retired
  • 40 teams now using cloud services
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