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A transportation organization finds a new ERP in the cloud
01 / 05 The Need

A large transportation organization saw that its business units were lagging far behind in productivity, and leadership knew that it needed to make significant changes to its ERP system to meet current market demands, beat the competition, and improve time to market. That meant a move to the cloud for its scalability, flexibility, and nearly limitless potential.

02 / 05 Engagement

To meet internal demands and market pressures, the organization established an ambitious timetable for implementing a core model that could be deployed across business units. Leadership understood that it needed a teammate to help imagine and implement such a widespread change in the way their company worked. They called Deloitte.

03 / 05 How We Did It

The organization worked with Deloitte to take stock of its ERP needs from the bottom up and choose a cloud provider. The team curated a process to implement the core model that included road shows, gaps analyses, assessment of impacts on business units and the whole organization, and change management.

04 / 05 Results

The team achieved the ambitious timetable of six months to an implemented core model, and currently the pilot unit is using the core model ERP for all its business processes, with more than 100 users and many more anticipated.

The organization continues to roll out the core model to other business units and enjoy the benefits of a scalable, more efficient ERP. This particular project is a model for a rapid and successful ERP core model creation and deployment. The organization is undergoing extensive changes across the organization, and its modernized ERP is now in place to support those changes.

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