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Daimler Trucks Asia utilizes data-driven insights to proactively change the course of their entire organization
01 / 05 The Need

DTA’s CIO sought to transform DTA’s entire business model into one that would leverage the power of insights, starting in an area not known for innovation—Quality Management. Data from over 150 countries filtered through DTA’s Quality Management department, but their analysis system was outdated and relied on siloed internal sources captured through traditional means. Quality and safety issue identification and investigation times focused on historical analysis after problems had already matured. This long and sometimes inaccurate process yielded high warranty costs and delayed recalls.

02 / 05 Engagement

The client sought to use analytics models based on patterns and data from the past in order to generate predictions. This, plus a desire to lay the correct foundation for DTA’s digital transformation, led them to Deloitte.

03 / 05 How We Did It

Deloitte started by analyzing all available data from forty-five of DTA’s last major recalls, which included structured as well as unstructured data. Deloitte discovered that eighty-percent of recalls could have been detected in advance, based on the historical data patterns.

Deloitte then stepped in with a multi-disciplinary team and a “start-up mentality” with the Daimler Trucks Asia team to create a big data platform that could analyze previously siloed data using sophisticated algorithms. The proprietary cognitive system would allow DTA to analyze structured data like historic vehicle metrics; unstructured data such as call center records, technician comments, and social media engagement; and live data coming directly from connected trucks on the road. Once the proprietary cognitive system was built, Deloitte took a second look at DTA’s internal resources and developed skill profiles to identify gaps in capabilities.


04 / 05 Results

The proprietary cognitive system, dubbed “proactive sensing,” is expected to save DTA $8 million in warranty costs during the first 24 months and even more in recall costs based on its ability to predict, detect, and remediate repairs. The system is able to predict and prioritize quality issues thirteen months ahead of their previous process, which helps keep customers on the road with less downtime. In fact, DTA averted thousands of trucks from being produced with a faulty part thanks to their new smart, proactive insights.

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