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Turning big data into actionable insights at a leading telecom provider

Terabytes of data can be too much of a good thing without a clear, enterprise-wide analytics vision and strategy
01 / 05 The Need

A leading telecom provider wanted to improve decision-making using big data and advanced analytics, but their previous attempts to leverage big data had been costly and inefficient. Analytics capabilities were spread across the company—each business had its own data analysts and technologies. A plethora of siloed tools and data environments made analysis tasks difficult to execute and share. The client needed help getting restarted, in a way that could be scaled to broader company wide initiatives.

02 / 05 Engagement

Working with Deloitte, the organization’s project leaders started by aligning the company’s leadership under a common analytics vision. Rather than recommend a massive analytics project that would change how the entire company used big data and analytics, the team selected two pilot projects that could demonstrate the potential value of a new analytics vision on a small scale. This lower-risk approach could enable the sharing of experience and knowledge that could then be transferred to larger projects in the future.

03 / 05 How We Did It

After bringing leadership together around a new vision, the selection of big data analytics pilot projects drove the effort. With Deloitte’s help, the business units and IT identified a mix of business use cases to demonstrate how big data insights could drive revenue growth and reduce costs. Two questions—one from Marketing and another from IT—were selected as pilot projects:

  • Customer-related pilot: How can we increase customer response rates to digital advertising?
  • Operations-related pilot: How can we reduce IT data storage costs?
04 / 05 Results

With their pilot project, Marketing gained insight into how much the company was spending on digital advertising, where the dollars were going, and how customers were responding. For IT, the project team identified the core technologies and solutions the company needed for efficient big data analysis, including a data lake solution to collect and store the company’s data from a wide array of sources. Leadership recognized the value generated by these initiatives and moved solutions into production to enhance business productivity and cost savings.

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