Kinetic Driver

Comprehensive Supplier Management

Increase supplier selection efficiency by up to 15% with collaborative platforms enabling one source for supplier benchmarks.

Representative Outcomes

Reduce maverick spend up to 4%.
Identify supplier early pay discounts gains by up to 5%.
Improve subcontractor efficiency up to 8%.
Improve supplier selection efficiency by up to 15%.


The Comprehensive Supplier Management Business Driver enables the enterprise to improve spend management by negotiating favorable contract terms, while leveraging historically favorable transaction contract terms for new supplier engagement. Consolidating multiple supplier management platforms, improving traceability, and leveraging automation to ensure compliance, Comprehensive Supplier Management reduces costs, improves versatility, and integrates differing supply chain data views to make fact-based, optimally structured contracts.


  • Leverage Historical Contract Terms, Reduce Supplier Spread: Highlight development and production inefficiencies
  • Streamlining Supplier Reviews: Standardize and centralize supplier score-carding
  • Integrated Automation: Leverage automation to ensure contract term compliance


Case Studies

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