Kinetic Driver

Frictionless Procurement

Improve purchasing productivity up to 12% with centralized views across the purchase order lifecycle.

Representative Outcomes

Reduce inventory carrying costs up to 5%.
Improve customer fill rates up to 10%.
Reduce scrap by up to 20%.
Gain Cost of Quality savings up to 15%.


The Frictionless Procurement Business Driver enables the enterprise to improve productivity and reduce costs of purchased parts or services by intelligently rationalizing, classifying, and enriching parts for effective usage. Frictionless procurement handles requisitions across disparate courses with centralized management, reconciliation, and prioritization, driving visibility and cost efficiencies throughout the purchase order lifecycle. From better insights into procurement risks, contract compliance, and reduction of maverick buying, increased integration and collaboration across suppliers enables a more responsive supply chain.


  • Visibility into Commodity Spend: Identify cost savings opportunities via increasing inventory efficiency
  • Centralized Management, Coordinated Responses: Improve synchronized development, production, logistics and service provision efficiencies
  • Increased Traceability and Issue Resolution: Generate positive customer interactions


Case Studies

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