Kinetic Driver

Minimize Supply Risk

Reduce total operations costs by up to 7% by controlling inventory loss and leakage with active supplier risk monitoring.

Representative Outcomes

Reduce spend on logistics and distribution up to 5%.
Gain up to 10% in order fill lead-time reduction.
Improve sub-contracting efficiency up to 8%.
Leverage risk metric inputs for strategic sourcing.


The Minimize Supply Risk Business Driver enables the enterprise to actively monitor suppliers, featuring smart sourcing and procurement decisions with automated insights gathered across supply chain tiers. The inability to identify and mitigate supply chain risks before they evolve into life-impacting shortages is underscored with a lack of collaboration and visibility across suppliers. The necessity of supply chain stability and a real-time, analytics-driven risk management platform is critical to enable the enterprise to proactively respond to shocks in the global supply ecosystem.


  • Procurement: Improve product procurement and contracting management processes
  • Purchasing Power: Utilize purchasing power thresholds for volume and contract history-leveraged gains
  • Real-Time Integrated Views: Generate coordinated and improved development, services and logistics processes
  • Ecosystem: Enable improved supplier collaboration


Case Studies

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