Kinetic Driver

Operational Agility

Reduce operations costs by up to 5% with increased controls for inventory loss and leakage.

Representative Outcomes

Reduce operations costs by up to 5% with increased compliance levels.
Reduce shrink and spoilage inventory loss up to 25%.
Reduce physical inventory up to 10% while increasing inventory visibility and accuracy.
Create end-to-end visibility across supply chain, manufacturing and distribution.

Driver Introduction

Explore the challenges and opportunities addressed by Operational Agility.


From an increased demand for personalized medicine to an increase in global regulatory standards – the life sciences industry is witnessing major shifts in the marketplace. With many blockbuster drugs coming off patent protection, global competition will rise quickly, as will the pricing pressure on life sciences companies. The solution: Kinetic supply chains that rapidly respond to changing market demand while reducing total cost of operations.


  • Transition to a more transparent, machine learning-enabled supply chain with efficient enterprise processes that help deliver high quality, wholly compliant health products
  • Achieve real-time visibility of sourcing, logistics, operations, and inventory data, to create an end-to-end supply chain that is fully traceable and friction-free
  • Eliminate inventory leakage and loss by proactively addressing shrink and spoilage with advanced Artificial Intelligence models
  • Establish a smart shop floor that provides complete visibility into production control and manpower prediction, and can implement planning and scheduling strategies


Case Studies

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