Kinetic Driver

Responsive Demand Supply Rebalancing

Reduce shrink and spoilage inventory loss up to 25% by improving near-term demand-sensing capabilities.

Representative Outcomes

Reduce total operations costs up to 7% by controlling inventory loss and leakage.
Improve short-term forecast accuracy with demand-sensing up to 15%.
Increase production adherence up to 20%.
Gain purchasing productivity up to 12%.


The Responsive Demand Supply Rebalancing Business Driver enables the enterprise to actively predict and prevent future stock-outs caused by demand or supply variances, while driving smart decisions via the insights needed to mitigate supply chain risks. Across industries, enterprises struggle with global supply chain management due to the risks from cross-border transportation, as well as unanticipated demand spikes, with both scenarios requiring real-time inventory visibility to be able to respond to unfolding real-time conditions. From managing demand shocks through supply disruptions, this business driver enables the enterprise to leverage adaptive manufacturing and procurement strategies.


  • Shock-Responsive: Act on demand-sensing due to panic buying and returns
  • Product Mix Management: Respond to shift demands in product levels and mix in real-time
  • Manage to Inventory Goals: Execute to inventory goal-setting, including monitoring capabilities


Case Studies

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