Manage supply chain risk with an application built on four pillars: supply chain illumination; risk triage and assessment; risk mitigation; continuous monitoring and alerting.

Key Insights

Illuminate entirety of customer’s supply chain with no dependencies on information disclosure.
Expose vulnerabilities and risks in customer’s supply chain, and provide security and risk mitigation strategies.
Identify cases of non-value-added supplier mark-up and opportunities for cost savings.
Continuous monitoring and alerts on suppliers in network.


CentralSight™ helps identify risks critical to cost, schedule, performance, security, and resiliency, and creates a decision space that provides executives time to address those risks before they manifest as problems within business operations or national security.


  • Supplier diligence—preliminary diligence reports about companies that customers may want to introduce into the network
  • Supply chain illumination and visualization
  • Map showing supplier longitude and latitude geo-coordinates
  • Individual supplier diligence view
  • Key contacts data and visualization
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