Accelerate product development processes and identify cost improvement areas with AI.

Key Insights

Achieve cost visibility across similar products rapidly.
Drive volume consolidation across preferred suppliers to manage New Production Introduction (NPI) costs.
Accelerate Parts Master Design for high-spend parts while reducing risk, design complexity, and deployment costs.
Reduce working capital by rationalizing part numbers and reducing number of suppliers under management​.


DesignSource is a rigorous analytical tool that delivers product insights to address organizations’ product and sourcing challenges. ​

The solution collects product, design, and operations data from a variety of sources, and performs a thorough cleansing and data enrichment analysis. By merging bill of materials (BOM) data with other enterprise, supplier, digital supply chain, and third-party benchmark data, the solution can uncover opportunities to reduce cost and complexity.


  • Uses advanced technologies such as machine learning, optical character recognition, image analytics, and natural language processing (NLP)
  • Annual refresh of preferred parts, attributes, suppliers, should-cost, and benchmark pricing
  • Enriched data sent to SAP with preferred parts markings to drive sourcing and procurement initiatives
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