Integrated Material Cost Management​

Drive OEM savings opportunities with actionable insights from purchasing, sales forecasting, and spend data.

Key Insights

Identify buyer cost-savings opportunities, including design change and hidden reduction criteria management.
Enhance OEM collaboration with advanced workflows​.
Improve buyer productivity through automated workflows that remove information-gathering and reduce time required to chase approvals​.
Drive cash flow through retroactive price reductions​.


Integrated Material Cost Management solves disparate data issues, and drives savings insights. ​

The solution analyzes purchasing, sales forecasting and actual spend data in real-time, and present buyers with actionable price reduction opportunities.

The solution also reduces data gathering and follow-up overhead, and guides enterprise functions through the process.​


  • Visibility into actual and future supplier spend by commodity
  • Pre-populate site price reduction initiation forms with part, price breakdown and volume data
  • Price reduction negotiation and approval workflow
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