Integrated Material Cost Management

Drive OEM savings opportunities with actionable insights from purchasing, sales forecasting and actual spend data.

Key Insights

Reduces cost through design changes, and uncovers cost saving opportunities to buyers with robust analytics, while ensuring no supplier or commodity meeting reduction criteria is hidden.
Better OEM collaboration with advanced workflow.
Improves buyer productivity through automated workflows that remove information-gathering and reduce the time required to chase approvals.
Drives cash flow through retroactive price reductions.


Deloitte’s Integrated Material Cost Management solution solves the disparate data issue, and drives savings insights.

The app analyzes purchasing, sales forecasting and actual spend data in real time, and present buyers with actionable price reduction opportunities. It removes all data gathering and follow-up overhead, and guides enterprise functions through the process.


  • Visibility into actual and future supplier spend by commodity
  • Pre-populates site price reduction initiation forms with part, price breakdown and volume data
  • Price reduction negotiation and approval workflow
  • One central platform for direct material actual and future spend, sliced by supplier site and commodity, providing a single source of truth for spending facts and information that is quickly accessible in the cloud
  • Automatic revaluation of retroactively-approved price reductions
  • Single SAP Fiori® application to manage end-to-end processes – from opportunity search and identification, to approval and KPI tracking
  • Track pre-negotiated year-over-year price reductions, and notify buyer to activate
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