KIT – Keytree In-Store Technology

Market-leading clienteling and assisted selling technology.

Key Insights

Increase new customer acquisition.
Drive upselling and cross-selling, targeting improvement of 8%+.
Improve store associate efficiency targets to levels that can exceed 15%.
Explore channels to increase customer engagement levels up to 50%.


Keytree In-store Technology (KIT) bridges the experience gap between digital and physical locations.

The mobile application empowers store associates with the customer and product data they need to create meaningful, personalized experiences, and drive sales through upselling and cross-selling.


  • One-on-one clienteling with 360º customer view
  • Assisted selling through personalized product recommendations
  • “Endless aisles” allow customers access to stock, no matter where it is located
  • Buy online/in-store pickup enabled
  • Uninterrupted customer experience with store runner for out-of-stock support
  • Integrated dashboard delivering store associate performance and KPIs
  • Appointment and queue management
  • Seamless store operations with in-store stock management
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