Reimagine Cold Chain

Improve customer satisfaction through on-time healthcare product delivery and consistent quality.

Key Insights

Improved customer satisfaction through on-time healthcare product delivery and consistent quality.
Increased revenue recognition through reduced shipment/storage losses and increased on-time delivery.
Reduced operational costs through proactive alerts and action triggers; reduced product and logistics losses.
Greater compliance through availability of quality records and certificates for regulatory and customs authorities.


The global pharmaceutical cold chain market is expected to grow, but losses from temperature fluctuations can slash revenues for life sciences companies. The pharma industry requires specific transport equipment, and must meet stringent handling and compliance regulations. Our solution provides reliable real-time monitoring, and historical analytics by recording critical environmental parameters for vaccine and pharmaceutical storage. Both ensure safe product distribution, better quality, certified delivery, proactive actions, and predictive maintenance—all of which can increase operations efficiencies and customer satisfaction levels.


  • Unit-level visibility into cold chain with geospatial tracking of shipments through a control tower view
  • Temperature sensors enable track-and-trace and real-time remote temperature monitoring
  • Quality certificate to comply with regulatory and customs requirements
  • Track ambient or container—level cold chain parameters
  • Real-time visibility of in-transit shipment health through automated system notifications, email triggers, and SMS alerts
  • Trigger business decisions within app (e.g., revoking shipment, canceling customer delivery)
  • Notification and analytics dashboards for overall supply chain health and alerts management
  • Enables fit-for-use certification where required
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