Reimagine Inventory

Optimize inventory levels with AI-enabled analytics that support stringent life science industry requirements such as shelf life, complex storage, and healthcare demand.

Key Insights

Optimize inventory carrying costs to achieve targeted inventory savings while preserving Active Pharma Ingredients.
Reduce number of outside storage locations and subsequent maintenance costs.
Target 99%+ customer service level targets while maintaining compliant medicines at lean inventory levels.
Better prediction of inventory levels.


Deloitte has reimagined an inventory solution that brings agility to inventory planning, and optimizes inventory levels while uncovering opportunities to better serve customers. Using historical inventory data, future forecast and orders, Reimagine Inventory generates insights on excess or insufficient inventory situations across the supply network—a companion tool to complement inventory planning tools and drive agility.


  • Fast, powerful algorithms to anticipate supply uncertainties and variabilities
  • Simulate impact on inventory using machine learning
  • Advanced visualizations that are insightful, intuitive, and interactive
  • Monitor inventory dollars and days
  • Real-time integration with core inventory management system
  • Identify opportunities to reduce inventory
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