Reimagine Payments​

Automate payments to maximize cash flow and stay compliant with vendors​.

Key Insights

Maximize cash flow by intelligently optimizing supplier payments based on business operations, working capital requirements, legal implications and supplier expectations.
Improve visibility into cash positions with predictive payment proposals by vendor criticality, invoice aging, spend categories, future deliveries impacted, and discount available versus availed​.
Get best terms by ​renegotiating new payment terms to improve cash discounts​.
Improve cash forecasting with predictive cash payout models​.


Using advanced machine learning algorithms, the solution recommends payment options that reduce cost of capital, eliminate delivery disruption, increase cash discount savings, and maintain positive vendor relationships.

Gain deep understanding of existing supplier payment patterns and current business priorities to optimize payments. Layer machine learning intelligence on top of SAP® APP, and use a real-time, intuitive dashboard with payment-relevant KPIs. ​


  • Create best payment proposals to optimize cash outlay based on selected parameters
  • Machine learning-based proposals to maximize discount capture opportunities
  • Analytical dashboard with enhanced capability of SAP Analytics Cloud, including drill-down functionality, helping treasury efficiently optimize working capital
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