SCC Toolkit

Create value through seamless integration with inventory planning, management, and procurement.

Key Insights

Reduce working capital by reducing inventory imbalances.
Reduce logistics spend by eliminating unnecessary moves across the network.
Improve asset utilization by reducing production disruptions due to raw material / component issues.
Improve order fulfillment by reducing stock-outs.


SCC Toolkit enables companies to better manage inventory and demand response in collaboration with their suppliers. It integrates Deloitte’s pre-configured integrated business planning (IBP) solution with SAP® Ariba® to facilitate collaboration with suppliers, spanning forecasting, sourcing, contracting, post-view processing, order acknowledgment, invoicing, and more. Leveraging the one procurement vision from SAP®, SCC Toolkit utilizes IBP and SAP Ariba to achieve end-to-end visibility, from planning to execution via advanced ASN collaboration and automated business processes.


  • Fewer keystrokes, work hours, and receiving time per trailer
  • Viable substitute for EDI with long-term savings
  • Enable faster buyer decisions and communication
  • Enable system traceability between supplier confirmation and PO updates
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