Shop Floor Next

Mobile-enabled application for managing critical shop floor activities, including production, quality, maintenance, inventory, and labor.

Key Insights

Preserve Active Pharma Ingredients (API) requirements while optimizing inventory carrying costs.
Improve warehouse inventory level predictions & eliminate redundant outside storage locations to streamline operations.
Increase user productivity with exceptional triaging capabilities, and reduce labor and manufacturing costs.
Achieve up to 99%+ customer service level targets while maintaining compliance medicines.


Shop Floor Next helps streamline the activities of pharma production and maintenance planners. It combines the power of web-based solutions with handheld devices and Internet of Things to provide production control, manpower prediction, plus planning implementation and scheduling strategies. Embedded real-time predictive maintenance and AI-powered machine health monitoring capabilities ensure production levels are maintained by staying ahead of equipment breakdowns.


  • Control tower view for real-time visibility into shop floor production and in-transit stock tracking
  • Clock-in/out, automatic time recording, downtime tracking, labor management and machine deployment
  • Real-time floor view, inventory reports, and worker efficiencies with integrated dashboard
  • Intuitive easy-to-learn screens
  • Cost control through predictive analysis enables planned expenditure for spares and service
  • Root cause analysis of excess or insufficient inventory aided by machine-learning algorithms
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