Vehicle Complexity Analysis

Pull deep insights with robust, real-time analytics capabilities to drive profitability.

Key Insights

Increase revenue with insightful configuration - give stakeholders a single source of truth for vehicle sales and performance information, helping to define what configurations are accounting for the bulk of volume and profit.
Eliminate negative profit drivers - help product managers identify what combinations of features should be avoided.
Launch new products with collaboration and innovation - enable collaboration and innovation across vehicle development and sales, allowing the business to make data-driven decisions with a focus on increasing profitability.
Improve profitability - generate insights from vehicle and sales data to adapt existing product offerings to reduce costs and increase margins.


Deloitte’s Vehicle Complexity Analysis solution enables companies to view every available combination for configurable materials, and combines it with profitability metrics.

With an advanced visualization-enabled dashboard that is intuitive and integrates SAP S/4HANA® in real-time with on-prem solutions, users can perform product and sales analysis to ultimately reduce manufacturing costs.


  • REST APIs to search and read vehicle configuration, sales and financial data for external consumption
  • Ready to use with content pre-populated for vehicle permutation analysis, allowing user to identify all available combinations for sale
  • Search and analyze all sales, product and cost data by including material, batch and variant configuration attributes combined with financial reporting
  • Easily adapted to company specifics via customizable vehicle attributes and product data
  • Advanced visualization for intelligent insights enabled by SAP® Analytics Cloud that can be integrated into SAP Digital Boardroom
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