VIN-Level Income Statement

VIN-level income statements to better measure profitability.

Key Insights

Multidimensional profitability to understand which series, regions, channels, and customer types drive profitability.
Identify configurations that cause production quality issues.
Identify cost reduction opportunities by understanding poor-performing feature combinations.
Improve profitability by analyzing characteristics of top- and bottom-performing VINs.


Break the barriers of traditional finance with VIN-level income statements that include detailed operational dimensions. The integrated report merges product, customer, and financial data together seamlessly. The single source of truth eliminates the need for reconciliation between finance and cost management reporting, ensuring cost management reports reconcile with financials. Users can perform margin analyses based on product-level data with drill-through capabilities to operational drivers, and reduce the time it takes for month-end variance analyses.


  • One central report for vehicles and service parts, plus all current and future products/services that generate revenue
  • Identify continuous improvement activities, cost takeout, and sales trends to adapt existing business models, start cost reduction programs, and develop in-market incentive strategies and campaigns
  • Standardized data model to harmonize vehicle, service parts, and other product information stored in material, batch or variant configuration characteristics
  • External reporting visualization tool integration to enable collaboration and visualization using standard REST APIs
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